Before & After: Jayne Behman’s Painting


Here’s a piece I started 2 years ago, entitled Painting with Andy Warhol.  My vision 2 years ago was interpreting this “group portraiture”, inspired by the Dutch masters, as complete.   But, I felt there was something missing and it went into hibernation.

I have been playing with fabrics and recycled art.  Texture intrigues me.  I am getting ready for a show that requires big paintings.  Being a true believer that art needs to offer a multi-level of interest, I often times pull out one of my “filed” works and use it as an under painting to re-develop it into its rich potential.  That was my approach to this piece.

One of my professors encouraged me to tackle the areas that I loved the most, as these were probably too strong and affecting other areas (cause and effect).  I cut up other paintings and attached pieces in shapes to this one. Using oils, I have repainted over many areas also leaving some as they were.  I’m quite satisfied with the new results.  I rarely regret anything in my life, but I would have liked to have met Andy Warhol.  By using some words of his name as “marks” on this canvas, I feel that I am painting with one of my mentors, and my painting becomes a tribute to him.


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