Before & After: Sandra Rude’s Weaves

Sandra Rude's Wall Hanging - Before

Weaving is one of the oldest crafts known to humankind. Woven articles – cloth and baskets – predate even pottery as methods we employ to modify our environment and make our lives easier. But utilitarian need not mean mundane, boring, or unimaginative.

My goal as a weaver is interesting cloth: layered, rich, unusual cloth that engages the senses, cloth that industry can’t or won’t produce.  I weave one-of-a-kind items or small production runs of five or fewer similar – but never identical – pieces using fine thread and natural fibers in complex designs. Most of my studio work consists of wall-hangings woven on a jacquard-style loom, and scarves, wraps, or shawls woven on a 24-shaft loom.

In all cases, my work is inspired by the colors, shapes, and textures of the natural world: trees, flowers, water, feathers, and other visual delights generously provided by nature. In keeping with our location in the middle of the Paso Robles wine region, I also weave pieces based on images from the vineyards and wine cellars of this area.

Sandra Rude's Wall Hanging - After

Visit Sandra Rude’s website.

Visit Sandra’s blog.


2 thoughts on “Before & After: Sandra Rude’s Weaves

  1. Absolutely stunning work, Sandra. I’m looking forward to clicking over and learning more on your website and blog.

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