My Favorite Tool: Erin Perry

It’s not my paintbrushes, it’s not my Exacto knife or my awl, it’s not my Dremel  or my bolt cutters, though all these are necessary for my mixed media collages and assemblages.  The tool I can’t do without is the tool that gives me the gift of time – and more time means more art.

This tool isn’t found in an art store but many of us find it invaluable.  It’s an inexpensive travel hair dryer.  My art often depends heavily on layering, and one layer has to be dry (in most cases) before I put the next one down.

Two choices:  wait and wait and wait, or use the hair dryer and be ready to move on in just a minute or two.  Since my art time is limited to evenings and weekends it really isn’t a choice – bring on the hairdryerthe tool that creates time so I can create art.


"Bring on the hairdryer"



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