Before & After: Ardella Swanberg’s Paintings


10am Rock - Before -

A few years ago, I decided to do a special piece for my niece’s wedding.  I selected a site that was important to her, the site of her wedding.  I took two large canvases to the site and painted one to represent 10 o’clock in the morning and one to represent 12 o’clock, midnight.  It was a beautiful setting and the days I painted were glorious spring days.

Midnight Rock - Before -

I painted freely without trying to make the designs exactly alike but they still closely resemble each other.  It was fun to imagine how the lupine and poppies would look in the moonlight.  My husband pointed out that you wouldn’t be able to see those colors at night, but I retorted that I painted it the way it should be.  I have painted often in that spot throughout the last dozen years and plan to do so many more times.

10am Rock - After -

Midnight Rock - After -

You can find Ardella’s other artwork here.


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