My Favorite Tool: Annamarie Fella

an example of Annamarie Fella's circle art

I love making art that has to do purely with circles. The challenge I present myself is how to create an art piece using only circles. The circles create either a symmetrical design piece or something more chaotic without a clear pattern.

The tool I need in order to draw out all my circles is the circle template. My art could not exist without the circle template. It has a circle of every diameter that I need. Because it is translucent, I can see where to place my next circle, thus creating a layered effect.

Circles, circles and more circles!

Geometrically, I have to place each circle in a place that makes sense, creating a perfect fit, and as I am a Geometry teacher, this interests me most. Markers are the next tool I need so that I can color the circles in such a way that they look translucent, and layered over each other.  The circle art pieces work with either many colors, a monochromatic theme or using grays only.

one of her pieces - in progress -

After the piece is finished, I love the fact that people see different images in them. Snowflakes, stars, sea life, crystals, stained glass windows, or mathematical patterns are some of the images people are reminded of. Thanks to my circle template such pieces can be composed in the first place, so it is definitely my favorite tool for art making!

Interested in viewing more of Annamarie’s art? Visit her website! Questions and comments can be sent to her email:


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