“In my studio, I am…” By Ardella Swanberg

In my studio I am not quiet.  I know many artists like peace and quiet when they work but I like lively music.  I often put on musicals and sing along.  Hair, Into the Woods, The Phantom of the Opera or Oklahoma are good.  If I don’t feel like listening to words, I will put on The Grand Canyon Suite or Opera (not in English).  I find it helps me to distract the part of my brain that is non-visual with music.  Some of my best works are done when I am teaching a class and telling them what I am doing while I do it.  Again that part of my brain is distracted so the creative part can go ahead and do its own thing.

"In my studio I am not quiet"

I have been drawing and painting and creating since I was 5.  So that is a long, long time.  Watercolor is my favorite but I paint in gouache, acrylic, and oils too.  To me, painting isn’t about the media so much as it is about creating a good design that makes use of the elements and principles of design to express a unique point of view.  That is the problem in this computer age.  It sometimes seems like everything has been done before but I still strive to make my paintings a little different. –Ardella Swanberg


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