Advice from Erin Perry

The best advice I can give is – don’t always listen to advice! When I was in fourth grade my teacher told me not to sing during the Christmas pageant – “Just stand over by the Christmas tree dear, and mouth the words.”  I took her advice to heart for many years, convinced I couldn’t sing.  When I enrolled at Cal State LA as an instrumental music major I found out that part of the curriculum included a voice class.  I told the teacher “I can’t sing”.  “Nonsense”, she told me.  Well, I ended up four years later with a double major and degrees in both instrumental and vocal music.  I sang with many different choral groups in the Los Angeles area and here on the Central Coast with Vocal Arts,and as a soloist with Pacific Repertory Opera, Pismo Light Opera Theater and the Pozo Bel Canto Quartet.  My singing career included Rosina in The Barber of Seville and the title role in Carmen.  So the advice to “mouth the words”? –  how wonderful that another teacher showed me the talent I had.

Erin as Rosina in Barber of Seville

Also in grade school I was told I had no artistic talent and should stick to writing stories instead. Again – I believed her – don’t we always?  This one took longer.  It was not until 2004 that I began keeping art journals, which lead to altered books, then assemblage and mixed media collage.  Leading teachers in the mixed media world have affirmed my work and this month I am the featured artist at Cambria’s Allied Arts Gallery with my solo show The Pity of War.

Erins Solo Show: The Pity of War

So, what I’ve learned is; advice is freely given and not always right.  If you really aspire to do something, don’t let one or two nay-sayers discourage you.  Feed your artful soul and find your creative niche.  There are people out there who will give you wonderful advice, support and encouragement – cultivate them and the sky’s the limit!

Check out Erin’s beautiful artwork on her blog or website!

One thought on “Advice from Erin Perry

  1. What a sensational post! This is such a classic example of one bad comment weighing more than hundreds of encouraging ones. Negativity is so toxic. Like I’ve said before, “Never say you aren’t creative. Love is certainly, and most importantly, an art form!”

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