A litte OSAT news to brighten your day…

Open Studios Art Tour Artist’s Application Deadline EXTENDED to April 25th

Artists from all over San Luis Obispo County have an extended chance to submit their application for the 2011 Open Studios Art Tour (OSAT), the 13th annual three-weekend visual art event taking place throughout the County this October.

Why should artists jump on board the Open Studios train this year?
Well, there’s the return of free catalogs!  You know, the once $25 a piece, 50-page, full color guide ARTS Obispo produces for visitors, allowing them to preview and find all 200+ artists.  It’s back, and free again. With a guaranteed 2,500 printed and distributed throughout and outside of SLO County, and of course, available to download online.  This means more visitors populating artist studios!

The OSAT Spotlight Blog is a new feature to this year’s Tour; benefiting artists and educating visitors.  This blog features artists talking about their art in ways of “My Favorite Tool” or showing a piece “Before & After” and even showing fans a peek into what’s to come in October with “In My Studio, I am…”.  The OSAT Spotlight blog allows artists to show their diversity in a way that can’t be done in printed material.  It allows Tour visitors to get to know the artists before they take up their free catalog, fasten their seat-belts, and head off onto the roads of SLO County, in search for their favorite artists.

Artists of SLO County have until April 25th to sign up for the 2011 Open Studios Art Tour to be part of the largest visual art event on the Central Coast and to benefit from the distribution of free catalogs and the OSAT Spotlight.


Learn more about Open Studios Art Tour and ARTS Obispo.


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