Before & After: Cheryl Barton-Petrie’s Jewelry

I am involved in many media including printmaking, concrete casting, mosaics, jewelry, and making glass shrines. There is a great link to an article I wrote on the process of making reliquaries on my website, so be sure to check it out.

However, I chose to show you all my mosaic jewelry, and the process that to go from “Before” to “After”.
My inspiration here is the eternal circle; it symbolizes the cycle of life. Beyond that I simply responded to the beautiful colors of the Italian (Murano) millefiore and the pattern I was able to make with it.

First, I pick the design...

Then, I lay them out with glue...

then I prep the grout and colorant...

...and mix it with water...

next, I press on the grout...

then clean it with a sponge

this is after I've cleaned it with a paper towel

Finally - it awaits a sealer after it drys


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