“In My Studio, I am…” By Mark Sensenbach

In my studio I am just working with some clay.

Mark Sensenbach in his Studio

Inside Mark's Studio

some of Mark's artwork

Mark's un-fired pieces inside his studio

During Open Studios Art Tour, Mark will be in San Luis Obispo.  Visit his website for more information.


My Favorite Tool: Victoria Schmitt with “Light Workshops”

"My favorite tool is my tripod"

My favorite tool is my tripod. Without a good tripod my panoramas and HDR images are harder to process and harder to get a perfectly crisp final image. Check out the Light Workshops website for more information and images.

A tripod allows me to get a perfectly crisp final image.

“In My Studio, I am…” By Bobbye West-Thompson

Bobbye West-Thompson in her Studio

In my studio, I am energized.  Unlike many artists I do not listen to music while working.  I find that if my art is going well, I don’t hear/see anything else.  However, when I’m not making the progress I’d like, music or any other inspiration is brought into play…big time.

"I am energized"

My studio is where I do my best work although I do pen and ink and watercolor sketches in the field which often become subjects for larger works.  I’ve just recently begun using pastels—a wonderfully vibrant medium.  As a life long photography buff, my camera is also available and ready for additional background information.  It is always a joy when friends stop by to see my works in progress.

My studio is where I do my best work

an inside look at Bobbyes studio

Visit Bobbye’s Website.

Before & After: Larry Knapp’s “Orso”

The painting of “Orso” was commissioned by Sue Wallworth in Cefalu, Sicily, Italy. I spent several hours with Orso, photographing him in his environment. Back in the US, I picked a photo of Orso and created the painting from my photo. I never know how the painting will end up, I just paint until it feels right.

"Orso" - Before -

"Orso" - After -

Delivering "Orso" to owners in Sicily, Italy

You can check out Larry’s website or contact him: larry knapp • www.larryknapp.com • 713.805.3948

“In My Studio, I am…” By Cheryl Barton-Petrie

In my studio I am always joyful.  Art is my respite to life. While I enjoy making rather beautiful, even nostalgic works, I cannot help but respond to the environment of today; so often my art work is a little sad.

Below you’ll find photos of my studio and pictures of workshops I’ve given there.  Please visit my website to view more of my work!

Cheryl's main work space

Organized tools and drawers in Cheryl's studio

Cheryl's studio walls covered with inspiration

Cheryl's studio counter

Group working on book binding

Group working on altered books

Before & After: George Asdel’s Daily Drawings

From George's daily drawing book

This is a scan of two pages in my daily drawing book. I have thirty-five, 220 page volumes completed.

Detail from George's drawing book

I taught classes at the zoo in Atascadero, and drew many alligators. I enjoy finding humor in the world. (I sometimes edit the image in Photoshop.)

I print out one of the images to hand color with Prisma Color pencil or watercolor. This is approximately 3” X4 1/2”

One of George's finished pieces

I usually complete a larger acrylic based on the image, and create a poem or book.   This is a 16”X20”acrylic.

Check out my website for more information.