Before & After: George Asdel’s Daily Drawings

From George's daily drawing book

This is a scan of two pages in my daily drawing book. I have thirty-five, 220 page volumes completed.

Detail from George's drawing book

I taught classes at the zoo in Atascadero, and drew many alligators. I enjoy finding humor in the world. (I sometimes edit the image in Photoshop.)

I print out one of the images to hand color with Prisma Color pencil or watercolor. This is approximately 3” X4 1/2”

One of George's finished pieces

I usually complete a larger acrylic based on the image, and create a poem or book.   This is a 16”X20”acrylic.

Check out my website for more information.


One thought on “Before & After: George Asdel’s Daily Drawings

  1. Such a cool before and after! 35 volumes–Wow! Would love to have the opportunity to flip through a volume or two!

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