“In My Studio…” By Carol Paquet

Inside Cork Stop Studios - Carol Paquet

Cork Stop Studios

In my studio I get in touch with my African roots. I play world music, mainly from Africa. I play it loud. It helps me get into the “zone”.  My studio is a gorgeous, light-filled 2500 square foot space, designed and built specifically for the purpose of creating art. It is part of a huge red barn, which is also our home.

Paquet inspecting a print

I was born in Zambia, which used to be Northern Rhodesia. Grew up in South Africa and have traveled extensively. I have lived in Johannesburg, Cape Town, London, Munich, Toronto, and Oakland and San Clemente (California). I studied at The Johannesburg College of Art and The Johannesburg Art Foundation where I was lucky enough to have William Kentridge as a teacher.

I am acutely aware of the fickleness of time and the potential importance of any given moment. This informed my “Penumbra” or shadow series, which deals with our perception of a subject changing according to time of day and the direction of light and shadow. This series spawned a new working process, which uses photography as an integral part of the art. This was the first work on paper that I did and is now a process that I use almost entirely.

Carol Paquet's Penumbra process

Carol Paquet's Penumbra process, another angle

Carol Paquet's Penumbra series

I look for the everyday stuff that we all see, and find the intersection of the natural landscape and abstraction. That place where reality dissolves and is replaced with shapes and forms that take on another identity. It could be cracked paving or trash on the side of the road. This will spawn an entire series and in fact it has. “Heaven and Earth” is one of my newer series and it is an inspirational and astoundingly beautiful interpretation of the mundane and the detritus that encroaches on the edges of our lives. You may email me at info@CorkStopStudios.com or call 805 550 6399. You can see more of my work on my website.



Beautiful Decay series


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