Inspire Me! – Victoria Schmitt

Where does artist Victoria Schmitt from Light Workshops get her inspiration?

“My students. Every time we host a photography or digital painting workshop I get to look over my students work and see where they have been and what their interpretation of a scene is. Whether it is in the studio working with models, or going to Alaska on our adventure cruises, every student seems to come out with an image that makes me want to improve, experiment and get out and shoot! Sometimes they will process images on the computer so differently that it makes me want to play with my images.

As for reading materials… I actually read our blog and our Facebook pages. We invite guest photographers to blog as well as post on our Facebook pages (Light Photographic Workshops and Epic Light Photography Adventure). We get so many great posts, photos and stories that make me want to do less office work and more photography! It may sound shallow to some, but my photography is my business so I have to eat, breath and sleep this industry. So until I’m a millionaire I can’t read things like War and Peace.”

My students are my inspiration"


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