Inspire Me! By Larry Knapp

Larry painting in his studio in Morro Bay

Where does artist Larry Knapp get his inspiration?

I am inspired by nature and nature’s elements. I create by using shapes or elements from nature, but not by painting them photo-realistically or as a still life. Rather, I have been able to use my background as a graphic designer to translate what I see and feel into more of an impressionistic interpretation of natures beauty. I break the shapes of what I see down into positive and negative shapes, creating a fresh approach and looking at nature with a different vision.

My goal is to give the subject a life of its own and then draw the viewer into this world of beauty and innocence. My paintings are broken up into positive and negative shapes and layered with vibrant colors. As I paint, I begin to lose myself in my subject, painting with a bit of abandon, loving the feeling I get when applying paint to canvas, layering colors over colors and allowing the painting to just evolve.

Sneak peak of Larry Knapp's Studio in Morro Bay

I am further inspired by painting in a large format, giving me the freedom to express my feelings not only in large, vivid colors but also the freedom to create a dreamlike world, dreamlike in the sense of nature before distorted or destroyed by man.

In my studio, I find myself living in the moment the kind of living and feeling that comes from deep feeling of love, respect and awe of natures beauty.

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