“In My Studio, I am…” By Carmen Perez

In my studio I feel free to create images and be part of this amazing splendor that is our Earth.  The theme of my work is “Sacred Nature.”   I strive through my work to help conserve and protect our precious Nature.

"The Road Home" oil on canvas 20"x24": Santa Rosa Creek Rd. before it was paved

Valle de Vinales by Carmen Perez

Doing this piece (above) has been a wonderful experience for me, I left my country Cuba in 1962 with my two oldest daughters 2 and 1 years old my third girl was born in New York. I never have gone back to my native land however painting the love I feel for its natural beauty, the splendor that Cuba, has brought deep peace to my soul and taken me there to walk on my native soil.

See Carmen’s studio in Cambria on October 22 & 23 – Catalog #160.  Visit the ARTS Obispo Open Studios Art Tour page to download the North County portion of this year’s catalog!


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