“In My Studio…” By Betty Clemens

In my Studio stone awaits me. In one corner is a piece of Alaskan Marble.

Eagle Pair

It’ll need a hand truck and maneuvering to get it on a table. In front of it is a large piece of special alabaster from Utah that light shines through, and it is all color glowing in the sun. I’ve just discovered that the Japanese Blue stone that so dishearteningly breaks and breaks also polishes like a purple jewel. Now I have to find a way to make something lovely. Italian Marble waits on a shelf as does Dolomite Marble from Lone Pine, CA. There’s Persian Travertine, alabaster from the Salton Sea, steatite from Santa Catalina, Minnesota Pipestone, limestone which I hope is from France, Portuguese Rose Marble.


I just have to get to work and carve…


Betty is # 33 in the Open Studios Art Tour Catalog.  You will find her studio open in Grover Beach on October 15 & 16, 10am-5pm.


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