Exposure for Artists of the 2012 Tour

Have you been thinking about participating in the 2012 Open Studios Art Tour? Are you curious as to what will be different, better, and overall more exciting this 14th year?

Here it is: ARTS Obispo (Open Studios Art Tour is a program of ARTS Obispo/San Luis Obispo County Arts Council) has decided to print 5,000 catalogs this year! For the past two years, 2,500 catalogs have been printed, and before that 800 catalogs were sold to visitors. Since dropping the catalog fee ($25) in 2010, ARTS Obispo has watched 2,500 free catalogs fly out of distribution points fast! In 2011 5,000 catalogs were downloaded – we are hoping to see that number grow even more in 2012.

But wait, there’s more! Visitors will be able to access the 2012 Open Studios Art Tour catalogs in a whole new way this year: by downloading a free iPhone/Android app!

With 5,000 printed catalogs, an iPhone/Android app, and this OSAT Spotlight Blog platform for artists to share their craft with visitors prior to the tour – artists are guaranteed more exposure than ever during the 2012 Open Studios Art Tour!


Check out these benefits to participating:

• Image/studio listing in the full color OSAT
catalog (5,000 printed & 5,000+ downloads)
• Image/studio listing on iPhone/Android app
• Commission-free 14-28 hours of Open Studio
time to display/market your art to visitors
• Discount on personalized postcards for your
Open Studio

• Discount on OSAT Workshops including
“Photographing Your Art” & “OSAT Marketing”
• Directional Signs
• OSAT Posters & other promotional materials
• OSAT Spotlight blog contribution privileges

Contact ARTS Obispo’s Program Director with questions: 805 544 9251 ext.13 or programs@artsobispo.org


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