Top 10 Reasons to Participate (as an artist) on the 2012 Open Studios Art Tour

Top Ten Reasons to Participate (as an artist) in the 2012 Open Studios Art Tour

10. To clean up/out your studio!

9.  To demonstrate your process.

8.  To hear the public’s reaction to your art – take it or leave it, but feedback is important!

7.  To expand your reach.  Are you tired of only friends and family buying your art? This is a chance to reach out and meet new customers and patrons.

6.  To sell your artwork.

5.  To market your artwork to not only locals but folks from all over the state and nation.

4.  To gain exposure: ARTS Obispo is printing twice as many catalogs (total of 5,000!).

3.  To share your passion with others! By seeing your work, visitors can appreciate your craft and reciprocate your passion. Be inspiring, be inspired!

2.  To inspire a new generation: with an iPhone/Android app, a new generation will have access to the Tour and your art – it’s a chance to develop a new generation of art patrons!

1.  To be part of the fabulous community of artists here in San Luis Obispo County. And, IT’S FUN!!!

Apply now by following this link, printing the application and submitting it and your catalog image by April 24th!

Visitors from Fresno look at the work of George Asdel. "Open Studios in San Luis Obispo County is our tradition. We can't wait to get the catalog to see who's participating this year!"


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