“Keep an Eye Out for…” By: Rachel Tamagni

Paso Robles artist, Rachel Tamagni wants you to keep an eye out for her piece “Sunny day in the Redwoods.” Below is a detail of her piece. If you’d like to see the rest – you’ll have to visit her during the 2012 Open Studios Art Tour!

detail of “Sunny Day in the Redwoods”


Origins: Susan L. O’Connor

My mother, Peggy, always encouraged the artistic side of her daughters, and at age 5, I started painting. This is a photo from my baby album, at age 6, taken in 1949. Me and my abstract.

Here is a painting I did in 2002 in France, where I lived for six months as an artist in residence at an Atelier (studio) near Arles, in Provence. You can see I’ve gotten a bit more flud. Both are watercolors- my favorite meduim.

Origins: Ethel Landers

Ethel “Tink” Landers’ art reflects her Mid-American roots. Born in Terre Haute, Indiana in the 1950s and then adopted at birth by a poor, hard –working couple who’d survived the Great Depression, Ethel learned to value the simple things in life. Her youth was in the company of farm animals with her best friends being dogs, cats and chickens.  She was an artist from her Mom’s earliest memories, ‘always drawing and always gifted.’ As her parents followed jobs from Indiana to Oregon to the Central Valley of California, Ethel attended various public schools bonding even more closely with her animals and learning to express herself best through introspection, art and writing.

When her father suddenly died in 1960, Ethel, always affectionately called “Tink” by her parents, embraced life based on her mother’s unconditional love and her un-wavering faith in God.   Ethel witnessed the strength and faith needed by a brave single woman who struggled to make a living at minimum-wage jobs while raising a daughter during the 1950s-1960s.

Buoyed by the accomplishment and determination shown by her sixty-two year old mother when “Mom” returned to school to attain her high school diploma, Ethel returned to college in 1997 to study art. She graduated in 2003 from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art and Design, Summa Cum Laude. This experience including studying abroad for ten weeks in Thailand, gave Ethel a deeper respect for various cultures, the poor, Theravada Buddhism, and the plight of the Asian Elephant. She’s since visited Cambodia and Vietnam.

Over a life-time of work you’ll find Ethel’s art filled with color, life, and positive energy. It also can be political, activated by injustice and the plight of the disenfranchised. Her paintings, drawings and writings often give voice to those less fortunate. She’s painted murals and theater sets for various groups including Bakersfield Civic Light Opera and the Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts.

Today, Ethel gains continued inspiration from her love of God, people – specifically her children, grandchildren and partner – and her love for animals.  Her original works are in private collections through-out California, Arizona, and the Midwest.  Commissions are available. Call 805 550 0348 or write ethellanders@charter.net for more information.

Below is some of Ethel’s early and current artwork: