Story Time with Rollie Younger

POWER UP TEA: Each teapot holds much more than tea — it reflects the personality of a culture.  That’s what I have found in my travels from the village potters of Japan to the studio of Michael Cardew in England and on to the countryside potters of Denmark. I’ve always been fascinated with teapots — the shapes, the forms.  A teapot keeps me grounded because it demands to hold water and pour properly. It is an everyday item that can remind its user of the joy, humor and beauty in life.  I like the fact that people use art in an everyday way when they use their teapots.  That’s art in motion!

 On the other hand, a Boiler teapot allows me to leap from functional to funk-tional. If it has a handle and a spout, it’s a teapot. Having  explored those different  shapes, techniques and attitudes, I have developed a bit of an attitude myself — this “boiler teapot” reflects the culture of the industrialized world where the demands are great and the breaks are few. The teapot “Passion Tea” makes that short break fun. – Rollie Younger

“Power Up”

Rollie Younger is listed in the 2012 Open Studios Art Tour catalog as “Rollie Younger’s Cambria Pottery” and his studios is located in Cambria, California. Rollie will be participating BOTH weekends during the 2012 Tour: October 13/14 and 20/21. Visit the ARTS Obispo website to learn more about the Open Studios Art Tour.


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