My Favorite Tool: Stuart Denker

It has never been a secret that my camera plays a very important role in most of my acrylic painting.

In the past, I’ve spent a great deal of time making an ink-jet color print of the photo (my field sketch) selected as the painting subject, wasting an inordinate amount of expensive Epson ink and print paper to produce a reference print with the appropriate detail, color and values.

Since adding an iPad to my studio equipment, I no longer make a color reference print. Instead, I make a quick black and white print on cheap paper providing all the information I need to develop the composition and drawing on the canvas. The color rendition of the photograph on the iPad screen provides me with a vastly superior body of the detailed color, light and shadows.

This snapshot shows my work table with the iPad, a flimsy black and white print and a glimpse of the nearly finished painting.

process of using the iPad

finished piece, using the iPad to reference color

Visit Stuart’s studio in Los Osos this October during the Open Studios Art Tour October 13/14 and 20/21 from 10am-5pm.


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