Inspire Me! – Crissa Hewitt

Where does silversmith Crissa Hewitt get her inspiration?

Inspiration is illusive. If I could easily name it in its entirety I am not certain that this would be a good thing. The initial idea or the solution to a nagging problem that surfaces in the time spent between waking and rising doesn’t seem to have a specific origin.

I love containers because they ask to be handled. For my work, I want the inside to be as necessary to experience as the outside. I do not try and make things look old, but love items whose appearance has been enhanced by years of use.  There will be a patina to such objects that radiates authenticity. More and more when working with stone or wood, I look for pieces that have intriguing natural surface texture. I use my shaping of the material to crate contrast to this original texture.  The other day I bought a red/orange slightly rusted toy dump tractor/truck. The combination of its shape, its age, and its ability to tell a story made it a great find. I have no desire to make a dump truck, but when something brings a smile to my face or speaks to being loved, that stimulates me.

You can see more of Crissa’s work at her San Luis Obispo studio both weekends of ARTS Obispo’s Open Studios Art Tour.


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