Story Time with Susan Owen

I believe I have said before many times that I was born with one foot in this world and one in another, so most things that others find puzzling, I find perfectly normal.  This is probably why I live with a shape shifting dragon, and for me, when he adopted me, it was just another day.  Things have been a little livelier in my manse since his arrival, but that just keeps the blood circulating and keeps thing from becoming stagnant.

Most of my drawings reflect the way my mind works when I am at my most comfortable and happy.  Drawing is something I do because I want to, but also because I love to and I have to.  Like walking or cooking or eating chocolate……I have to.

I live near the beach in a very modest cottage with 8 cats, an obstreperous border collie, many rose bushes, and my partner and fellow artist, Dennis Kish.  Between us we keep the wheels of home and hearth spinning with a minimum of rusty squeaking and still make sure we have time to make the art that is the best part of our lives.

Since Skosh the dragon came to live with us, there have been many adventures that have given me a lot of fodder for drawings and stories, some of which I have put into a book that we have, with much wrangling and swearing, managed to self-publish. (And self-bind, hence the wrangling and swearing.) It is so much fun (and since the fodder keeps a’comin’) I have decided to begin yet another book, this first book is just the camel’s nose in the tent…as it were.

Skosh hates to have his picture taken most of the time and tends to shift into something un-photographable…like a trash can, or…well (never mind).  Anyway, since this is so, I have made a soft sculpture of him (that’s me with him).

Susan Owen and Skosh

The sketch below is of the two of us.  We have had no problem bonding…especially with his shifting talents.

I work mostly in fine line colored ink pens, pastel, and colored pencil. I do not encourage Skosh to emulate me…he is not safe with art supplies just yet.  I hope you will come visit us, and enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it.

Come Visit Susan and Skosh both weekends in ARTS Obispo’s Open Studio Tour (studio #68, page 17 in the catalog).


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