Origins: Sue McKee

My art life began with tiny circles on the wall behind the toilet when I was 3 (for which my older brother was blamed). He’s 75 now and tells me that I still OWE him for his keeping mum when he took the heat for that. Doodling on schoolwork when I should have been paying attention in class was a constant for me. But as an adult I could be a little more obvious in indulging my interests. I’ve dabbled in oils, inks, acrylics, landscapes, abstracts, the whole gamut.

Shanghai Visitors

When my husband and I spent almost two years in China on a mission, teaching English, everything changed.  Capturing this experience with collage, inks and acrylic paint seemed “right.” The people, sights, and feelings of this awakening dragon still vibrate for me through these pieces. I’ve moved on to enjoy scenes and people of our Central Coast (especially Farmers’ Market days), and these works are an extension of my sensitivity to the extra-ordinary world around us.

I’m thrilled to be exhibiting my work for another year at the delightful home of my friend Meryl Perloff beside her imaginative, tiny creations, along with the playful and unusual work of another friend Julie Frankel.

I even wrote a book about my China years, Days Like Floating Water, A Story of Modern China, that includes some of my artwork. Copies will be available both weekends of the Open Studios Art Tour as well.

(You can see more of Susan’s beautiful pieces on her website.)


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