Origins: Rod Baker

I am a glass artist and began first by making glass windows for my clients when I worked as a contractor back in the 70’s.  My first exposure to fusing was during a trip to a store to purchase glass for a project in 2000, and they had their kilns going. I immediately got hooked and have been fusing ever since. In 2006 on a trip to Oregon, I visited several glassblowing studios and decided that was something I had to do. To gain some basic skills, I attended Cal Poly’s glassblowing program. My first studio and gallery opened in 2008 in Florence, Oregon where I stayed for several years.  I hope to build a studio in Baywood Park soon!

Although I do not have a formal background in art,  I really enjoy working with glass.  By combining glassblowing and fusing, I have created numerous, reasonably-priced pieces including  jewelry, vases, plates , paperweights, bowls and more.

Hope you all come and see me at my home at 240 Travis Dr., Los Osos during the Open Studios Art Tour. Or, you can always reach me at (805) 551-6836 for an appointment.

Catalogs are available at locations throughout the county.  For a complete list, please visit ARTS Obispo’s website.


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