Inspire Me! by Laurel Sherrie

Nature-driven Art!

San Luis Obispo County offers an ideal environment for me as my work is driven by the forces of nature.  California is amazing with the variety of climates and scenery.  I see paintings everywhere.  There is a lot to communicate, and I do it with paint.

Painting outdoors is my favorite ‘studio.’  Working plein-air, especially with early-morning and late-afternoon light is invigorating.  The drama of the shadows and the golden cast on the mountains or the sea creates wonderful designs, and the outdoor work fosters an intense involvement with the landscape.

“Terrace Hill, Mountain Majesty” 24″x36″, oil. ©Laurel Sherrie

Protecting the environment through my art is a primary goal:  To foster passion for nature and inspire people to help save the treasures that we have.  I’m on the Board of San Luis Outdoor Painters for the Environment, SLOPE.

Also at my Open Studio this year:
Pete Skarda – 1st time Open Studio artist who crafts wood boxes, jewelry and other treasures that showcase the beauty of natural wood.
Lisa Stromsoe – Join an exciting Studio Talk, “Nature-Driven Art & Crafts on the Central Coast,” on Sunday, October 21, 1 PM.

You can see more of Laurel’s work on her website and be sure to stop by Arroyo Grande studio either weekend of Open Studios Art Tour!  In Arroyo Grande, catalogs for the tour can be found at the Arroyo Grande/Grover Beach Chamber of Commerce or Village Framing.


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