“Keep an Eye Out for…” by Barry Lundgren

I have been a woodturner for over 20 years, showing my finished work in art venues more frequently in recent years.  I start with wood I find or wood my friends and local work crews send my way to transform.

I work with olive, black acacia, oak, walnut and locust wood (some new, some reclaimed) and traditional wood-turning methods with a lathe, band saw and chain saw to discover and create the most visually pleasing shapes.  My artistic goal is to find the ‘treasure’ in the wood–the inner beauty that is not seen at the outset.  Each piece is unique and sculptural.

I make burl and hollow forms, vases, vessels, urns with threaded finials, and salad bowls. However, my clients always return for my organic natural-edge bowls. They’re unique and everybody loves them. Another unusual aspect of my designs is that, when possible, I leave the bottom surface showing burl spikes which are really different. Guests like to look at mirrored-display surfaces holding my designs so they can see the unusual undersides of my pieces.

For Open Studios Art Tour, visitors of all ages really enjoy seeing sawdust strewn around, tools I use and the wood in various stages of design.  They like a real working studio experience and I give them that every year!

You can also see more of Barry’s unique pieces in the  ARTS Obispo’s Visual Artist Directory.


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