“Keep an Eye Out for…” by Ethel Landers

Nipomo Art Studio and Three Artists Debut in October

Wearing a paint-covered apron Ethel “Tink” Landers wields paints simultaneously between three easels in her Nipomo art studio. “I love working from small black and white photos and reviving history as well as creating new vibrancy on canvas.” explained Landers.  “Of course, I also love just letting my creative energy flow and this year it’s flown a lot on the subject of chickens.” Landers stated as she bent to add the last feather to a hen painted in oil on raw pine.

Landers admits to being “into” chickens and loves their unique looks and personalities. This year she’s painted chickens on clay pots filled with succulents, on old fence planks, on chairs and on canvas. She’s inspired by the rooster crowing in her neighbor’s yard as well as their loud announcements when the hens lay eggs. Other paintings capture nostalgic Central Coast images including the old Fat Cats in Avila and the old Avila Market. One prominent oil painting captures her father in 1948 as he stands before a billboard advertising ‘Dewey for President.’

In the debut of their Nipomo studio, Landers along with artists Jan Dungan and Cynthia Moreno have over 100 pieces of original art showing during ARTS Obsipo’s Open Studios Art Tour on October 13, 14, 20 and 21st from 10:00AM to 5:00PM. “We three may be new to the tour, but have over 60 years combined experience as artists,” explained Landers.

Arroyo Grande artist Jan Dungan is affectionately called ‘Captain Jan’ since she’s a retired airline pilot; however, she’s been an artist much longer. This show features 20 colorful images in oil from her travels in Guatemala. Dungan is also well known for her animal portraits that capture the spirit of each unique creature. An Australian native, Dungan just returned from several weeks touring Vietnam and her home country, gaining new images for future paintings.

Trilogy resident Cynthia Moreno is a well-versed artist in multi-media and pastel. She considers herself an “emerging artist,” yet her co-artists respect her innate talent and encourage her expression.

“Just being in this space for the first time may inspire visitors to take an art class or get out a sketch pad,” explained Claire Sheehy, the trios’ associate and right-hand woman for the tour. “I can’t draw or paint, but I am very good with raw wood and creating wooden structures to receive paint,” explained Sheehy. “This group, along with Cindy’s husband and wood-worker, Louie Moreno, make a great team,” said Sheehy.

The Landers Studio is located at 1045 La Serenata Way and is open during tour hours or by appointment. Over 230 Open Studios Art Tour artists and locations are marketed in free color catalogs available at Old Town Nursery and the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce, as well as Gold Coast Art ‘n Frames in Santa Maria and the Arroyo Grande/Grover Beach Chamber of Commerce and Village Framing in the Village of Arroyo Grande. For an online catalog and to see all participating artists and their locations please visit ARTS Obispo’s website.


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