Above & Beyond: Crissa Hewitt

Yes, you will see polished marble and shiny silver, as well as fascinating agates, jaspers, and other natural treasures. As a silversmith and sculptor, creating with these materials brings me true challenge, excitement and pleasure. But, there is more:

Throughout each day, I will be demonstrating a variety of techniques. How does a flat sheet of metal become a bowl? What is annealing? How does that white bone hung in bird cages get used to make a silver object?  Why does someone have 100 hammers?

Want to try your hand at learning the techniques of jewelry/silversmithing? There will be sign-up sheets for three-day workshops (starting in January) for beginners and intermediates.  Opportunities exist for enrolling in on-going individual instruction. These time slots are reserved for those who have completed the two workshops, or who have equivalent experience.

There certainly will be food…mostly homemade cookies and something a bit on the savory side.  If you arrive and need a place to sit, (visiting studios can be exhausting) you are welcome to bide your time for awhile on my deck; weather permitting, this is probably where the goodies will be.

My work is one-of-a-kind pieces, and I am honored when someone decides to purchase or commission a work. However, Open Studios Art Tour is an opportunity to do just that…to tour studios and learn more about the processes and motivations that inspire people to create.

It will be a pleasure to have you come and visit my Benton Way Studio!
Crissa’s San Luis Obispo studio (#141, page 29 in the Tour catalog) will be open both weekends of the Open Studios Art Tour.


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