Above & Beyond: Dr. C. Hite

There are ongoing activities in the Goku RAKU Sculpture Garden at Studio #99 in Los Osos during Open Studios Art Tour.  Guests may become participants by contributing their favorite “yes!” moment to an artist-produced scroll of colorful tissue paper and China Town newspapers.

The “yes” moment that inspired this interactive book, was looking all over China Town for all things red in San Francisco.  On my scavenger hunt list were paper lanterns, a fan-shaped sumi brush set, and a red satin runner for the books jacket.  Woodblock printing of Samaria eyes to decorate Japanese scarecrow sculptures is available beginning at noon the 13, 14, 20 & 21st.  Guests are invited to add feathers to an interactive artwork, “Broken Wing,” to commemorate the avian loss due to coastal infrastructure projects, like “Dig Los Osos” and seismic testing.

Burning colorful, flammable, recycled “BTU’s” in an experimental ceramic kiln starts at noon on Saturday, October 20th.

Dr. C. Hite and her Goku RAKU Sculpture Garden will be open both weekends of the Open Studios Art Tour.


Above & Beyond: Rich and Kersti Lasiewski

Rich and Kersti Lasiewski will have several demos during the tour, so be sure to stop by their Arroyo Grande studio (#213, page 49 of the Open Studios Art Tour catalog). Rich makes glass beads in a torch and may include methods of decorating the beads for anyone interested. In addition, both Rich and Kersti will explain making fused glass pieces and are glad to discuss different methods of casting glass. Their kilns will be set up for the discussions.

Have a smartphone?  Download the Open Studios Art Tour app from your phone’s app store.  Or, you can find a catalog online or printed copies throughout the county.   Tour information and a list of catalog distribution locations can be found on ARTS Obispo’s website.

Above & Beyond: Color Vibe Designs

Come see Sharon Gallerman of Color Vibe Designs during the Open Studios Art Tour as she creates hand‐marbled designs on silk and other natural fibers using a marbling process that originated many centuries ago.

Sharon says, “No two designs are alike simply because of the unpredictable nature of the interaction between the dyes and the marbling process itself.” She finds the challenge of working with that unpredictability both intriguing and inspiring. Using the blank piece of fabric as a canvas, she creates each silk scarf design as a one–of–a kind piece of wearable art.

Sharon’s studio (1315 14th St, Los Osos) will be open October 13th/14th & October 20/21st from 10am to 5pm.   ARTS Obispo Open Studios Art Tour catalogs can be found online and throughout the county.

Above & Beyond: Rosi Lusardi

Immersed in Art.

Rosi Lusardi – SunMyth Studio (#31, page 11 in the Open Studios Art Tour catalog)

I’ve spent my life doing art–had to try it all (drawing, painting, photography, stained glass, fused glass, bronze casting, tie-dyeing, Shibori, ceramics, fabric painting, collage, illustrating children’s books, coloring packets, yard art, gardening and the list goes on!). I found some I can do, some I can’t, and some challenge me for decades.

I have discovered that I love to live with art, so nothings safe. My home and studio are a collage of art from the normal paintings and drawings, to a plethora of painted floors and walls, yard art, found art and creations everywhere.

For Open Studios Art Tour, my artist friend Tracy Paz ( #34 in the catalog) and I try to create a welcome atmosphere with food, music and a complimentary art gift. The glass fussing studio is open with displays of various stages of the process and notes.  We have helpers as well, to answer questions about processes. Hope you’ll stop by, you won’t be disappointed!

Visit Rosi’s website to see more of her pieces and be sure to stop by her studio either weekends of ARTS Obispo’s Open Studios Art Tour.

Above & Beyond: Crissa Hewitt

Yes, you will see polished marble and shiny silver, as well as fascinating agates, jaspers, and other natural treasures. As a silversmith and sculptor, creating with these materials brings me true challenge, excitement and pleasure. But, there is more:

Throughout each day, I will be demonstrating a variety of techniques. How does a flat sheet of metal become a bowl? What is annealing? How does that white bone hung in bird cages get used to make a silver object?  Why does someone have 100 hammers?

Want to try your hand at learning the techniques of jewelry/silversmithing? There will be sign-up sheets for three-day workshops (starting in January) for beginners and intermediates.  Opportunities exist for enrolling in on-going individual instruction. These time slots are reserved for those who have completed the two workshops, or who have equivalent experience.

There certainly will be food…mostly homemade cookies and something a bit on the savory side.  If you arrive and need a place to sit, (visiting studios can be exhausting) you are welcome to bide your time for awhile on my deck; weather permitting, this is probably where the goodies will be.

My work is one-of-a-kind pieces, and I am honored when someone decides to purchase or commission a work. However, Open Studios Art Tour is an opportunity to do just that…to tour studios and learn more about the processes and motivations that inspire people to create.

It will be a pleasure to have you come and visit my Benton Way Studio!
Crissa’s San Luis Obispo studio (#141, page 29 in the Tour catalog) will be open both weekends of the Open Studios Art Tour.

Above & Beyond: Barbara Flynn & Richard Rowe

Lots of Pots” takes the fine craft stage in October!

We are very excited to offer a series of “Lots of Pots” studio talks in our Baywood art space. We want the public to see how our ceramics are made and share our love of decorative, specialized and functional pottery. Our “Lots of Pots” studio talks begin at 11:00am daily during Open Studios Art Tour.

On Saturday, October 13 Richard Rowe presents “Growing Succulents in Pots.”   With more than 20 years’ experience with succulents, Rowe has developed a line of pottery that works nicely with succulents. Using plants from Cambria’s GROW Nursery, Rowe will share planting tips and demonstrate the best way to keep succulents in pots.  He will have available for sale plants and pots as well as planted ceramic selections.

Sunday, October 14 will feature stoneware potter and Renaissance artist Barbara Flynn, speaking on “Ceramics through the Centuries.”  Flynn will be including some reproduction pots from the English Renaissance as well as Roman period lamps.  She will be discussing the making and use of pipkins, puzzle jugs, costrels, Bellarmine jugs and more. Her specialty is researching and reproducing historical ceramic ware for modern use.  Flynn’s ceramic designs are in local and international collections.

With an extensive background in promoting American fine craft, Lisa Stromsoe presents “Starting a Fine Craft Collection” Saturday, October 20.   Stromsoe has been a successful gallery owner, a national art juror and won top awards with internationally recognized silversmith husband, Randy Stromsoe at the Smithsonian Craft Show, American Craft Council shows, Sausalito Arts Festival and locally at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art.

Lots and lots of pots talk on Sunday, October 21 for foodies: “Fun for Foodies with Pots.” Our fine home economist, Sandy Rowe will be demonstrating using pots in cooking at 11am and setting the stage for fine dining and entertaining.  Rowe will demonstrate dishes guests can create using ceramic wares from the studio. The audience will participate in tasting samples and recipes will be available.   Rowe’s selected recipes will reflect current fresh produce from the local Farmer’s Market.

With all of the great workshops planned, be sure to stop by and visit Barbara and Richard!   You can find their studio (numbers 95 &109) on the Los Osos map in the ARTS Obispo’s Studios Art Tour catalog.