Before & After: Deborah Kyle Hintergardt’s “Tribal Elders”

"Tribal Elders" - BEFORE

“Tribal Elders” is one of the paintings I will have on display at my Open Studio in Atascadero. I loved how these Wisconsin farm birds had such an authoritative stance, seemingly deep in debate over weighty poultry matters. In “Tribal Elders Before”, you can see how I began with a very dark ground and then slowly built up color and light until the Elders practically glow. I love vibrantly rich colors, hard lines, and high contrast.

"Tribal Elders" - AFTER

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Deborah Kyle Hintergardt’s catalog number is 133, join her in studio on the second weekend of the Open Studios Art Tour, October 22 & 23


Before & After: Susan and Tim Heaton

This is the process of start to finish on a necklace and earring set by Susan and Tim Heaton.

Picture 1

Tim is a glass bead maker who works over an oxygen/propane surface mix torch. Susan uses Tim’s custom made beads to create, unique one-of-a-kind necklaces. Picture 1  shows Tim’s studio and torch.

Picture 2

Picture 2 shows Tim doing the first wrap of glass onto the mandrel, in the flame.

Picture 3

In picture 3 Tim is shaping the bead in the flame.

Picture 4

The final outer layer of clear glass is added to the bead in picture 4.

Picture 5 shows the finished bead being placed into the kiln, where it will slowly cool down for several hours (this is called annealing the bead). The next day, after removing the bead from the mandrel and cleaning it and doing final finishing steps, the beads arrive in Susan’s jewelry studio.

Picture 5

Susan selects which hand made beads, Swarovski crystals, other beads and sterling silver will be considered for use in this necklace, as shown in picture 6.

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 7 shows Susan’s selection and creation of an earring to match the necklace. The necklace is designed and laid out on a bead board in picture 8.

Picture 8

Frequently many designs are produced, before the final design is decided on. Picture 9 shows the completed set, truly a labor of love and art.

All Finished!

Susan and Tim are #178 in the Open Studios Art Tour Catalog (Los Osos, North County portion of the Catalog). Stop by their studio October 22 & 23 or 29 & 30.

Before & After: Larry Knapp’s “Orso”

The painting of “Orso” was commissioned by Sue Wallworth in Cefalu, Sicily, Italy. I spent several hours with Orso, photographing him in his environment. Back in the US, I picked a photo of Orso and created the painting from my photo. I never know how the painting will end up, I just paint until it feels right.

"Orso" - Before -

"Orso" - After -

Delivering "Orso" to owners in Sicily, Italy

You can check out Larry’s website or contact him: larry knapp • • 713.805.3948

Before & After: George Asdel’s Daily Drawings

From George's daily drawing book

This is a scan of two pages in my daily drawing book. I have thirty-five, 220 page volumes completed.

Detail from George's drawing book

I taught classes at the zoo in Atascadero, and drew many alligators. I enjoy finding humor in the world. (I sometimes edit the image in Photoshop.)

I print out one of the images to hand color with Prisma Color pencil or watercolor. This is approximately 3” X4 1/2”

One of George's finished pieces

I usually complete a larger acrylic based on the image, and create a poem or book.   This is a 16”X20”acrylic.

Check out my website for more information.

Before & After: Cheryl Barton-Petrie’s Jewelry

I am involved in many media including printmaking, concrete casting, mosaics, jewelry, and making glass shrines. There is a great link to an article I wrote on the process of making reliquaries on my website, so be sure to check it out.

However, I chose to show you all my mosaic jewelry, and the process that to go from “Before” to “After”.
My inspiration here is the eternal circle; it symbolizes the cycle of life. Beyond that I simply responded to the beautiful colors of the Italian (Murano) millefiore and the pattern I was able to make with it.

First, I pick the design...

Then, I lay them out with glue...

then I prep the grout and colorant...

...and mix it with water...

next, I press on the grout...

then clean it with a sponge

this is after I've cleaned it with a paper towel

Finally - it awaits a sealer after it drys

Before & After: Bobbye West-Thompson’s Still Life

I recently did a photo set up in my studio for a still life with pears.  From the photo I did a charcoal sketch on Colorfix sanded paper.   When happy with the drawing, I began applying color first with hard pastels then soft.  As a self-taught artist I may not follow the “rules” of others working in pastel, but find that if I play with colors, sometimes by layering, I get the best results.  My reference photo is basically a guide so I may change colors or shapes as needed.   Originally, watercolor was my medium and I still love it.  However, these chalks are new to me and a total delight to use.



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