Inspire Me! By Rosi Lusardi

Rosi Lusardi

I’m inspired by nature’s animals, plants and landscapes. By man’s creations in art, architecture, technology, words and music. I use these in all my work, and have had a lot of fun creating four color packets from my ink drawings. Each packet contains 14 drawings, some with multiple images overlapping, that can only be seen by twisting and turning each picture. Others are with one animal surrounded by a maze of “zen doodling.” See them at my studio in Atascadero either weekend. The originals are also for sale.

Rosi Lusardi Rosi Lusardi

Be sure to stop by Rosi Lusardi’s studio in Atascadero during both weekends of the ARTS Obispo’s Open Studio Tour. Her working studio is number 33 on the tour and features paintings, collage, glass, and yard art. In the meantime, check out her work at her website.


Inspire Me! By Cheryl Barton-Petrie

Beauty in Organic Form

I don’t think of ‘starting’ as an artist, but just responding to the beauty in the world around me. The simple form of nature is what I try to capture in my etchings, drawings, and gel transfers.

Be sure to stop by Cheryl’s studio the weekend of October 13th & 14th during ARTS Obispo’s Open Studio Tour In the meantime, you can also see more pieces on her website.

Inspire Me! by Stuart Denker

Some of my paintings are based on 35mm Kodachrome slides taken during a 1990 trip to Greece. I completed a painting earlier this year based on my encounter with the re-assembled fragments of the sculpture from the West Pediment of the Temple of Zeus in the New Museum in Olympia. Walking in on this amazing art still stands out as one of the most inspiring happenings of the trip. Created between 472 and 456 BCE, this magnificent sculpture survived in place for about a thousand years before a succession of earthquakes brought it down and buried it.

This is the photo that the painting is based on:

Here is a screenshot of a museum catalog illustration of the surviving elements of both the East and West Pediment sculptures:

I’ve re-peopled the museum visitors, one of whom is a Greek widow walking past, paying no attention to the exhibit. The background wall color was changed in order to give the painting greater impact.

This is a photo of the finished painting:

“Wine It Was…” based on a quotation from Homer’s “Odyssey” (c 8th century BCE) wherein he poetically relates the mythic tale of a battle between the Lapiths and the Centaurs and an intervention by Apollo, the son of Zeus, this being the narrative content of the sculpture.

Be sure to stop by Stuart’s Los Osos studio both weekends of Open Studios Art Tour.  You can also see more of his work in ARTS Obispo’s Visual Artist Directory.

Inspire Me! By Shannon E.A. McNamara

Templeton Vineyard 12 x 24 oil

Although I started at a tender age drawing pencil and crayon pictures on the blank pages of my mother’s Bible, I expanded to many avenues of expression over the years, such as oil and watercolors. I am especially fond of plein air painting.  Being out there in the open air surrounded by nature is the most exciting time for me—focusing on the various elements and the challenges of bringing them to the canvas.

Moonstone Beach – 14 x 18 oil

My body of work reflects time spent in many beautiful locations here on the Central California Coast, as well as many other places in the United States and Europe.

Red Barns watercolor & Breakfast Anytime watercolor

Please visit Shannon’s website at or stop by her San Luis Obispo studio both weekends of ARTS Obispo’s Open Studios Art Tour.

Inspire Me! by Laurel Sherrie

Nature-driven Art!

San Luis Obispo County offers an ideal environment for me as my work is driven by the forces of nature.  California is amazing with the variety of climates and scenery.  I see paintings everywhere.  There is a lot to communicate, and I do it with paint.

Painting outdoors is my favorite ‘studio.’  Working plein-air, especially with early-morning and late-afternoon light is invigorating.  The drama of the shadows and the golden cast on the mountains or the sea creates wonderful designs, and the outdoor work fosters an intense involvement with the landscape.

“Terrace Hill, Mountain Majesty” 24″x36″, oil. ©Laurel Sherrie

Protecting the environment through my art is a primary goal:  To foster passion for nature and inspire people to help save the treasures that we have.  I’m on the Board of San Luis Outdoor Painters for the Environment, SLOPE.

Also at my Open Studio this year:
Pete Skarda – 1st time Open Studio artist who crafts wood boxes, jewelry and other treasures that showcase the beauty of natural wood.
Lisa Stromsoe – Join an exciting Studio Talk, “Nature-Driven Art & Crafts on the Central Coast,” on Sunday, October 21, 1 PM.

You can see more of Laurel’s work on her website and be sure to stop by Arroyo Grande studio either weekend of Open Studios Art Tour!  In Arroyo Grande, catalogs for the tour can be found at the Arroyo Grande/Grover Beach Chamber of Commerce or Village Framing.

Inspire Me! by Craig Kincaid

Where does Craig Kincaid get his inspiration?

I am inspired by finding common items which are naturally arranged or unnaturally arranged which create a somewhat abstract pieces of art using digital photography as the medium.

I found these images at the Collings Guitar Factory in Austin, Texas.

Stop by and visit my studio in San Luis Obispo, #146 in the Open Studios Tour Catalog!

Inspire Me! – Crissa Hewitt

Where does silversmith Crissa Hewitt get her inspiration?

Inspiration is illusive. If I could easily name it in its entirety I am not certain that this would be a good thing. The initial idea or the solution to a nagging problem that surfaces in the time spent between waking and rising doesn’t seem to have a specific origin.

I love containers because they ask to be handled. For my work, I want the inside to be as necessary to experience as the outside. I do not try and make things look old, but love items whose appearance has been enhanced by years of use.  There will be a patina to such objects that radiates authenticity. More and more when working with stone or wood, I look for pieces that have intriguing natural surface texture. I use my shaping of the material to crate contrast to this original texture.  The other day I bought a red/orange slightly rusted toy dump tractor/truck. The combination of its shape, its age, and its ability to tell a story made it a great find. I have no desire to make a dump truck, but when something brings a smile to my face or speaks to being loved, that stimulates me.

You can see more of Crissa’s work at her San Luis Obispo studio both weekends of ARTS Obispo’s Open Studios Art Tour.