“Keep an Eye Out for…” Jim Tyler

Jim plus five other artists! 

Jim Tyler has teamed up with these other artists to make visiting even easier.

From left to right, are Jackie Bradley (silk, studio #117), Kari Appleton (jewelry, studio #112), Jim Tyler (paintings, studio #176), Leigh Ramirez (jewelry, studio #163), Heidi Petersen (ceramics, studio #159), Sheri Klein (fused glass, studio #147).  And, of course, mascots Stella and Finnegan.

Visit all of these artists between 10:00am & 5:00pm, October 20th & October 21st at 104 Twin Ridge Dr., San Luis Obispo.

More information about the Tour can be found on ARTS Obispo’s website.


Above & Beyond: Rosi Lusardi

Immersed in Art.

Rosi Lusardi – SunMyth Studio (#31, page 11 in the Open Studios Art Tour catalog)

I’ve spent my life doing art–had to try it all (drawing, painting, photography, stained glass, fused glass, bronze casting, tie-dyeing, Shibori, ceramics, fabric painting, collage, illustrating children’s books, coloring packets, yard art, gardening and the list goes on!). I found some I can do, some I can’t, and some challenge me for decades.

I have discovered that I love to live with art, so nothings safe. My home and studio are a collage of art from the normal paintings and drawings, to a plethora of painted floors and walls, yard art, found art and creations everywhere.

For Open Studios Art Tour, my artist friend Tracy Paz ( #34 in the catalog) and I try to create a welcome atmosphere with food, music and a complimentary art gift. The glass fussing studio is open with displays of various stages of the process and notes.  We have helpers as well, to answer questions about processes. Hope you’ll stop by, you won’t be disappointed!

Visit Rosi’s website to see more of her pieces and be sure to stop by her studio either weekends of ARTS Obispo’s Open Studios Art Tour.