Changes for the North County: Oct. 22-23

Just a reminder that #130 Nathan Doster’s Open Studio Tour location has been moved to 5970 Entrada in downtown Atascadero. In addition to avoiding inconvenient road work, this will allow for a more complete display of Doster’s work – including the largest ever display of his Life Forms series ceramics! Be sure to take advantage of this rare opportunity to see these amazing works! Doster’s critically acclaimed glass work and unique adornments will also be on display! So, more convenient for you, and more to see!

Life Form by Nathan Doster

Due to a family emergency the Porter’s will not be participating in the 2011 Open Studios Art Tour – please make note in your catalog: #145 & #146: Carol & Paul Porter in Atascadero, not participating this coming weekend (October 22-23, 2011).


“In My Studio…” By Lorri Trogdon

Lorri Trogdon and some of the work you'll see if you visit her studio

In my studio guests will be greeted to a virtual market place of ART.  Artwork in all shapes and size, mediums and  forms.  Everyone who follows my work knows my versatility.

Buyers will see colorful oil, acrylic and watercolors paintings and be delighted with an artful display of ceramic tile, Italian tile and glassware arranged to entice them.

My studio will be ready for guests to see “WHERE ART GROWS”.   And by the way, on my 5 acres the view is spectacular, and the drive will be worth your effort.

I have a current show at Talley Vineyards, September and October.  Please visit.

Also visit me on Facebook, Lorri Trogdon Designs.

Lorri is #26 in your Open Studios Art Tour Catalog.  Her studio is located in Arroyo Grande. You can visit her on October 15 & 16 from 10am-5pm.

Gallery on Tour: Central Coast Bioneers

What is a performance mural?  Come to the Central Coast Bioneers Conference and find out!

Joshua Wigger, who painted the beautiful mural in Kreuzberg Café on Higuera Street, will be creating a mural at the Central Coast Bioneers Conference in conjunction with the Open Studios Tour on Saturday and Sunday, October 15 and 16 at the SLO Vet’s Hall.  Come see this amazing young artist at work.  His creation will be auctioned off to the highest bidder at the end of the conference.

Central Coast Bioneers will be featuring four other artists throughout the conference and as part of the Open Studios Tour – Elizabeth Johnson, Timo Beckwith, Stephen Plowman and Carol Paulson.  Find more information on all of our artists by clicking here.

Joshua Wigger is a self-taught artist from Fresno CA. He has an arsenal of creative abilities which include illustration, graphic design, tattoo design, live (rhythmic) painting and mural painting. Wigger puts a great deal of emphasis in his mural paintings as the scale allows for him to dance throughout the piece, this permits him the freedom to use aerosol and exterior house paint in an unconventional manner. Wigger’s murals often depict a large figure in a majestic atmosphere or imaginative environment where motion and vivid colors sync. They evoke a dream-like feeling full of symbolism, shapes, anamorphic creatures which combine animals, insects and humans that metamorphosize into plant like forms.  “Imagination puzzles” is a phrase Wigger commonly uses to explain his work “they are intended and directed at the viewer to construct their own story”.

Joshua has now painted murals throughout Europe, California and Oregon, he was recognized by the city of Fresno for his mural on The Econo Inn and has painted various schools and lectured throughout California. Wigger was recently published in ‘Under Republic Magazine’, ‘Pop Surrealism magazine’ and ‘Mural Art 4’ which features muralists from around the world. Wigger continues to work throughout California painting murals on various schools, and businesses. He currently resides in Los Angeles CA where he exhibits paintings and works as an audio engineer.

Inspire Me! By Laurel Sherrie

Where does Laurel Sherrie get her inspiration?

Laurel Sherrie painting

I am inspired to paint our County’s varied scenes!  Whether it is landscape, seascape or skyscape!  My most recent inspiration (and painting) is the Nipomo Clamshell Mountains.

Nipomo Clamshell Mountains

And a cute house in the country with a horse in the front yard, on Huasna Road, near where I live.

Country House

Come and see my fascinating rural studio, outside of the historic Village of Arroyo Grande.  #22 in the Open Studios Art Tour Catalog.

Thank you to Arts Obispo for having this great event!  It’s my 13th year participating, Lucky 13!

My Favorite Tool: Barbara Rosenthal

My favorite tool is actually my washing machine because it gives me the time to play – and work – in my studio.  Sometimes I get to do something big.  Other times I make very small things.  While I am primarily a printmaker and a painter, I like to keep my options open.  If I think it, I want to try to make it.

Barbara working on a large project


Visit Barbara in Los Osos (the North County weekend of the Tour) October 22-23. She is #188 in the Open Studios Art Tour Catalog


“In My Studio, I am…” By Jeanette Wolff

In my studio I am joined by the strangest people and animals and such!  I am in another world when I’m there by myself-no one else can see them.  It’s very exciting- not scarey at all!  I just let myself go down this path where there is no need for drugs of any kind (except a little coffee now and then- “they” allow that.)  Soon I find myself creating their poses and background. It changes occasionally-I have to be alert and flexible!  And then, just like! It’s there!  I blink, shake myself and walk away.

Look for Jeanette in Cambria this October!

Jeanette Wolff is # 163 in the Open Studios Art Tour Catalog (page 33).

“In My Studio…” By Betty Clemens

In my Studio stone awaits me. In one corner is a piece of Alaskan Marble.

Eagle Pair

It’ll need a hand truck and maneuvering to get it on a table. In front of it is a large piece of special alabaster from Utah that light shines through, and it is all color glowing in the sun. I’ve just discovered that the Japanese Blue stone that so dishearteningly breaks and breaks also polishes like a purple jewel. Now I have to find a way to make something lovely. Italian Marble waits on a shelf as does Dolomite Marble from Lone Pine, CA. There’s Persian Travertine, alabaster from the Salton Sea, steatite from Santa Catalina, Minnesota Pipestone, limestone which I hope is from France, Portuguese Rose Marble.


I just have to get to work and carve…


Betty is # 33 in the Open Studios Art Tour Catalog.  You will find her studio open in Grover Beach on October 15 & 16, 10am-5pm.